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A special report about stolen items in the libraries and how only you can prevent forest fires (whoops strike that)… the loss of your “stuff.”

Unfortunately there are unscrupulous people out there who take things who don’t belong to them,…

This set of learning objects includes the
Adobe presentation "Act With Integrity",
the "Academic Honesty/Dishonesty Survey" ; a rubric to guide class discussion of the survey , and the Act with Integrity quiz.

The first document presents sixteen Scenarios are based on the ASU Student Code of Conduct and can be used to stimulate student discussion of honest and dishonest academic behavior. Originally created for the ASU101 curriculum.

The second…

Avoiding Plagiarism is a module that includes APA and MLA Style sheet handouts, an Avoiding Plagiarism quiz (integration of sources), and a Paraphrasing Exercise,

This module covers two databases that are essential for searching for Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) articles. It was designed for NUR 315, a 100% online course.

This five part series is used in conjunction with CHM 108: Chemistry and Society Online. The series discusses the five keys for evaluating resources with an emphasis on websites and literature. Students will learn the key differences in searching…

This is an adobe presenter pdf and script on finding E-Books in ASU Libraries
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