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General Library Learning Objects


General learning objects created by librarians at Arizona State University.


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This video demonstrates how to create closed captioning for videos originally created using Screenr. The closed captions are machine generated via YouTube and then edited.

This set of learning objects includes the
Adobe presentation "Act With Integrity",
the "Academic Honesty/Dishonesty Survey" ; a rubric to guide class discussion of the survey , and the Act with Integrity quiz.

This video provides an introduction the Lisa Kammerlocher, the Psychology Online Librarian at ASU Libraries. Instructions for contacting Lisa, accessing the Psychology Online LibGuide and information on how to reach the AskaLibrarian service are…

This five part series is used in conjunction with CHM 108: Chemistry and Society Online. The series discusses the five keys for evaluating resources with an emphasis on websites and literature. Students will learn the key differences in searching…

This file requires the most recent Adobe Acrobat Reader version to view.

This learning object is designed to assist librarians in understanding the learning objects repository software Omeka. It also outlines the scope of content and how to…